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It's been Covid-19 time since March the 16th. Even if it did not change much things to me, as my company immediatly allowed remote work, I just avoid commute time and can work in underwear without my colleagues noticing it. And, as our business is mobility-based, obviously it is put to stress because everyone stay at home. We are put to partial unemployment each and other day.

Sooooooo, today I had some time to spend. After classic Covid-19 compliant activities like vacuuming, dishwashing and so on, I decided to clean up my machines a bit. Removing dust to grab some degrees, re organizing cables... All is now clean and tidy.

"Hey, why don't I have access to the Internet anymore?"

Asked my room mate.


Indeed, when I shutdown my main server, we can't access the Internet through the local network. There are some things that aren't currently highly available.

Why wouldn't I take some time to secure this?

All right, hold my shell...