Share access to pre-NT Windows OSes

On the Synology

Go to Control Panel > File Services > SMB > Advanced Settings

  • On the General tab, set Minimum SMB protocol to SMB1
  • On the Others tab, set Enable NTLMv1 authentication
  • Connect to the Synology with SSH
  • Add lanman auth=yes to the [global] section in /etc/samba/smb.conf
  • Reload Samba:
sudo smbcontrol smbd reload-config
  • Check in /etc/samba/private/smbpasswd that the third field for your user is set to anything else than X meaning that you actually have an SMB password set.
  • If not, set your SMB password:
smbpasswd -L -U lenain

On the Client OS

Windows 95

Open Windows Explorer and use the Tools > Map Network Drive... menu.


Windows 98 SE

Should work as expected if you try to reach \\\.